Photo Diary: A Weekend In A Mongolian Yurt

Living in Los Angeles, this past week has been very stressful and loud. That’s why my best friend and I decided to take a break from the city and drive up to Big Sur, five hours away. After searching through dozens of Airbnb listings, we found a place that was quite unique. It was a deep blue Mongolian yurt, situated on the corner of a farm, just inland of Big Sur. We didn’t think twice and arrived within days.

This unlikely stay was exactly what the doctor prescribed. For two nights we watched the pastel sunsets paint the checkered farm land and the valley below. Little stars would twinkle in the town below, as the darkness settled in. They shined against the mountain below us, giving the impression that the mountain was one giant geode, and we were getting a glimpse of the gems within.

The days were stifling hot and our little yurt had only one weak fan. We passed our time in the shade of the trees outside, reading, painting, journaling, playing the kalimba, and watching the clouds. For a few hours on Thursday, we even drove to Monterey Bay and spent time at the Fisherman’s Wharf. Every so often, two dogs from the farm would check in on us by spilling all our drinks and stepping on our paints. They were so darn cute.

Although I’m sorry to have only spent two and a half days up there, I’m grateful for the solitude it gave me during a time when the sirens were keeping me up until five in the morning. By the time we made it back, things had settled down for the most part and we were able to settle right back into our daily routines. My friend and I decided that our next little road trip will be to a Danish town a few hours north of us, called Solvang. We’re so excited!

Here are some of my favorite snapshots from our time up north πŸ™‚

Our view from the grass beside our yurt.
The famous Mongolian yurt!
The view from one of our many pitstops on the way home.
Pitstop Snapshot #2
Pitstop Snapshot #3
Me at sunset.
Current Read: A Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
The harbor in Monterrey
The Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterrey

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